A Template for writing novels in LaTeX



This is a template for writing novels using the memoir-class in LaTeX. It utilizes mostly standard tools, and offers an standard form for writing novels, short stories etc.
Basic features are:


First of all, you need to install TeXLive on your system. To do so, follow the instructions on the TeXLive Homepage for your system.
This package makes use of the web-o-mint fonts to create the diamond shapes on the title page. You need the web-o-mint font for this, which is not part of the TeXLive system. You can download them from CTAN. To install them, it is easiest to copy the files into the appropriate directories in the texmf/ folder in your home folder. Don't fortget to run mktexlsr afterwards.

Finally you need to install the file titlepages.sty from the styles directory. Just copy it into your texmf folder into .texmf/tex/latex/local/titlepages.sty and, again, run mktexlsr.


Please make sure that the server has write access to a folder named uploads.
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