Interview Questions for E-Government


This is a list of answers for the interview questions sent in by RadioWeserTV for the TV Interview on Thu, Oct. 24th, 2013.

Where does the concept of E-Government come from?

What is E-Governement?

E-Gov is the use of information technology to ease or speed up adminsitrative processes in the executive of a country
There are four different types:

E-Gov involves bi-lateral communication. One of the reasons for e-gov is the idea of a machine-readable-state. All publicly available information should be held ini electronic form, and in file formats that make automated processing (data mining) possible.

The opposite is true for personal data of the citizens: No big databases, no networking between them. Safe systems.

How is Data processed?

Have you tried pentesting the concept?

How can citizens prevent their data from being abused?

How can E-Gov be pentested?

How can the fears of citizens be countered?

Do you think that E-GOV is the way of the future?

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