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======Welcome to ORCA======

Thanks for stopping by. This page will collect everything that I write about. Tech-Projects, software and other stuff.
===Getting around=== >>==Keep up-to-date==--- To receive the latest news on politics and geekdom, check out my blogs [[ Preis der Freiheit (in German)]]>>
Click on one of the categories below, to find news and info.


===What's New===
- [[TravelJournal|Reisetagebuch (Deutsch)]]
- [[TelescopeControlWithARaspberryPi Telescope Control with a Raspberry Pi]]
- [[SetupHandwrittenFonts Setup Handwritten Fonts for TeXLive]]
- [[MonitorServerFiles Monitor files on an internet server]]
- [[SocialInterviewQuestionsEGov Interview Questions for E-Government Interview]]
- [[SoftwareOpenCVExamples Examples for Using OpenCV]]
- [[SoftwareIPv6Script Scripts for guaranteed IPv6]]
- [[SoftwareLaTexNovelTemplate Template for novels in LaTeX]]
- [[SoftwareLaTeXMakefile LaTeX-Makefile]]
- [[SoftwareMigrationToArchLinux Migrating To Arch Linux]]
- [[SoftwareSettingUpJoomla Setting up a Joomla! Site]]
- The [[SoftwareMythBrake MythBrake]]-script
- [[SoftwareUsingClojureWithVim Using Clojure with Vim]]
- [[CategoryUsers User Pages]]
- [[CategorySoftware Software]]
- [[CategoryHardware Hardware]]
- [[CategorySocial Social]]

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